New Book Format

If you haven’t seen the latest version of a Mustard Seed Book, check out the books page (it’ll be updated by 3/21). We’ve uploaded all new versions of our books. As the books have been out being used by kids and teachers we’ve gotten some feedback and incorporated that into our redesign. The back page has been completely redone, moving the leveling information to the back and adding a wider range of leveling information included Guided Reading level info. On the inside, we heard back from number of teachers that page numbers would be helpful, especially for small groups.

In addition, you’ll notice the book table has just one copy for downloading. While working with some books on a Mac, we realized there’s an easier way to print booklets from PDF’s than having to try to create a book layout template in the basic Mac word processor. We started using a program called booklet creator ( ). It takes a PDF in normal page order and turns it into a PDF in booklet order. This makes it a bit easier conceptually and a bit easier for anyone making a book. We haven’t played with it that much yet, but now any word processing software can make a book, as long as it can save it as a PDF and can structure the content on individual pages. We’ll post again as soon as we have more experience with this, but it worked great in Apple’s Pages, a basic page layout program that didn’t have internal support for booklet creation. We simply created the books like we’d read them and then used booklet creator to turn them into booklets.

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