Welcome to Mustard Seed Books

The Problem:
As a specialist working with struggling readers, I often use a system of leveled texts (books of gradually increasing difficulty) to fine tune instruction to an individual child’s reading level and interests. However, most of the books of this type are expensive, not related to urban settings and often contain language and content that cause . . . → Read More: Welcome to Mustard Seed Books

Libros en Español

They’re not perfect yet, but all the Mustard Seed books have been translated into Spanish. They are available on the website for immediate download. We’d love folks to try them out with kids, with adults, with anyone you know who might be interested in Spanish language reading materials so we can get some feedback, fine tune . . . → Read More: Libros en Español

Set 2 Books back from the printer

After what seemed like forever, we’ve finally gotten the set 2 books (books harder than the beginner books but easier than the hard books) to the printer and they’re back. The order from on the ordering books page has been updated and we’re ready to ship. If you go to the website, the titles are available . . . → Read More: Set 2 Books back from the printer

New Book Format

If you haven’t seen the latest version of a Mustard Seed Book, check out the books page (it’ll be updated by 3/21). We’ve uploaded all new versions of our books. As the books have been out being used by kids and teachers we’ve gotten some feedback and incorporated that into our redesign. The back page has . . . → Read More: New Book Format

If you’re new to the Mustard Seed Books site …

This website is set up as part of a project to design and distribute public domain books for early readers. If you’re here for the first time, feel free to browse around, check out the books on the books page, read about some ideas for working with the books, read about how you could become a . . . → Read More: If you’re new to the Mustard Seed Books site …