Mustard Seed Books Project getting ready to close down

It has been a long run with many good years, but little by little the project is closing down. We’ve sold off most of our printed books and unless something magical changes, we won’t be doing another print run to restock. The books would need an update, the project would need a cash infusion and I have been off teaching full-time and focusing more on high school technology instruction than early literacy development.

If you’re interested in any last sets of books, give us a yell. We’re happy to sell off what we have, throw in shipping, throw in extra books till they’re truly all gone.

Thanks to everyone who participated, writing, editing, sorting and packing, shipping, reading and buying. It’s been a pleasure to help make this happen, the digital versions of the books will be available for a while and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact me ( )


If you’d like to access any of our books from a new google drive folder, try this ( Mustard Seed Books Google Drive Folder )


Me teaching at Oakland Tech before distance learning – Go Bulldogs!

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