Ordering books is fairly simple, but there’s one trick to the whole process. Because the books are covered under the creative commons license, the books can’t be sold commercially. However, if we print them, we can distribute them to people interested in using them and charge enough to cover the cost of printing and any shipping/handling charges. Right now we don’t have a nice built in ordering app, so if you’d like to order books, click on one of the order forms below, decide what you’d like and e-mail me your filled in order form. Don’t worry about tax at first and just let me know if you’d like it shipped or you’ll come pick it up. I’ll get back to you within a day or so to let you know I got the order, if we have everything in stock and how much shipping will be. In order to simplify administration and organization, we’re only selling books by the bundle right now.

Note on shipping: Media mail is slow but cheap, usually taking 5-7 business days for deliveries but sometimes it can take longer. If you’d like 2 sets of books, shipping is $4, if you’d like from 3-6 sets of books, shipping is $6. Books weigh roughly 11 ounces/set and the box weighs 4 ounces. You can go to (media mail prices) to see media mail prices for different weights.

Shipping and handling for priority mail is $6 for the little box that can fit up to five sets of books, or $12 for the medium box that can fit up to 12 sets of books. It usually takes 2-3 days.

We currently have tons of sets 1, 2, 3 and the How-To books in stock, so if you know what you want and you can figure out what it costs to ship, you can pay through paypal ahead of time and I’ll e-mail you a confirmation and get the books in the mail asap. Even though it says donating, just include a note saying what you want, how you want it shipped and the address and I’ll take it from there.

Below is the latest Excel version of the order form. And if you notice, we have raised our prices. Sets 1, 2 and 3 are now $12/set and the How-To’s are now $10/set.

Excel Fill-in Order Form