Libros en Español

They’re not perfect yet, but all the Mustard Seed books have been translated into Spanish. They are available on the website for immediate download. We’d love folks to try them out with kids, with adults, with anyone you know who might be interested in Spanish language reading materials so we can get some feedback, fine tune the language and word choices and get ready for a commercial print run.

If we’re going to be able to do a commercial print run, we’d need a fairly substantial amount of preorders or at least verbal commitments from folks saying they know they would like to buy some number of sets. If we print 250 books, each one costs around $1.38. If we print 500 copies, each book costs around .77–that’s a pretty major difference and the prices keep dropping from there.

So, if you know any folks interested in Spanish language early reading materials, tell them to check out the website to see what the books are like, and early next week, we should have the Spanish language versions either trickling onto the website or showing up in one big load.

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